• Construction year: 1986/1992
  • Maximalspeed: 110km/h
  • Weight: 670 kg
  • Length: 3560 mm
  • Broad: 1510 mm
  • Height: 1537 mm
  • Battery weight: 70kg
  • Battery capacity: 15kWh
  • Solar area: 2 m²
  • Solar cells: Silizium
  • Solar power: 200W
  • Engine power: 11kW
  • Engine: 1
  • Sits: 2
  • History

    In 1991 the Trabant was bought by the technical vocational school in Wattenscheid as a three-year-old vehicle to be converted to an electric drive. With budding technicians, the car was then rebuilt with a drive train, which comes from the prototype shelf of the Colenta company, as well as lead-acid batteries. Then solar cells were attached to the roof. With this equipment, the car was in use for over two decades. The vocational school joined forces with the Bochum Technical Vocational School1 in the mid-90s and the car continued to be looked after privately by one of the teachers.


    The car has been looked after by the association since 2020. He was still registered, the general inspection was necessary and there were no batteries for the vehicle. Therefore the first task was to convert an unused battery for the Trabant and to adapt the holder in the Trabant. Tours with the car could then be undertaken again in mid-2021. The winter break in 2021/2022 was used to install a more efficient motor controller so that ranges of over 150km are possible.