• Construction year: 2004-2007
  • Maximalspeed: 130 km/h
  • Weight: 230 kg
  • Length: 5000 mm
  • Broad: 1800 mm
  • Height: 1400 mm
  • Solar area: 6 m²
  • Solar cells: Gallium Arsenid
  • Solar power: 1500W
  • Engine power: 4,2kW
  • Engine: 1
  • Sit: 1
  • Concept

    The SolarWorld No. 1 is the most powerful of our vehicles even without road approval. Due to its unique shape, which he gave to Prof. em. Eckard Beese of the Bochum University of Applied Sciences, was awarded the No. 1 awarded the WSC Design Award. Since then it has proudly held the title of “most beautiful solar car in the world”. In 2007 this was a milestone in the solar car scene, because for the first time a vehicle that drives around the podium was not built as flat as possible, but in a teardrop shape, which enables the driver to drive through the race sitting and not lying down.

    Racing career

    The car took part in four major races with our sponsor at the time, SolarWorld. At the World Solar Challenge (WSC) for solar vehicles in 2007 in Australia, the team from the small Bochum University managed to assert itself against the big elite universities and, with fourth place, showed the potential of the Bochum SolarCar project. Even if the car never crossed the finish line first, it has the 1 in its name and team number 11, even twice on the fairings. At the North American Solar Challenge 2008, the team came third with the SolarWorld No.1.
  • World Solar Challenge:
  • 2007: Platz4
    2007: Platz5
  • Amarican Solar Challenge:
  • 2008: Platz 3
    2010: Platz 3
  • European Solarchallenge:
  • 2018: Platz: 5

    The icon

    After his fourth big race, it was awarded to SolarWorld for eight years and proudly displayed in the reception hall. For the 10th anniversary, the No. 1 then hit the racetrack again and finished 5th in the European Solar Challenge 2018. In addition to participating in five races, the No. 1 also a film star in the SAT 1 eco-thriller Hitzewelle by the Berlin production company Janus-Film from October 2007. The solar car appears in a short scene at the beginning as the main actor's “hobby”. He also appears in an episode of the PRO 7 Show Galileo thanks to Malte Heynen.