• Construction year: 2014-2015
  • Maximalspeed: 125 km/h
  • Weight: 480 kg
  • Length: 4.400 mm
  • Broad: 1.800 mm
  • Height: 1.125mm
  • Solar area: 3 m²
  • Solar cells: Gallium Arsenid
  • Solar power:: 800W
  • Engine power: 10kW
  • Engine: 2
  • Sits: 2
  • Concept

    After three vehicles in a similar design language, it was time for something new. The thyssenkrupp SunRiser should be much more appealing. Due to its very flat design, the aerodynamic disadvantages of this shape compared to the teardrop-shaped predecessors have been almost compensated. It is also the first of the Bochum racing cars in which the front wheels are not encased.

    Race participation

    The sleek sports coupé took third place at WSC 2015 and, thanks to its design, won the Judges Commendation Award for practicability and fine manufacturing. The car passed over and was henceforth an advertising ambassador for the world championship. After a race in Egypt, it served the SolarCar team at the University of Cairo as a model for their first own SolarCar. In 2019 the silver was selected to start the hunt for the WSC Gold 2019 again. For this, the electronics were converted to the current state of our development and the motors were replaced. In addition, a larger battery was installed to meet the challenges of the World Solar Challenge 2019. This makes it the heaviest, fastest and most durable SolarCar from Bochum. The car did well in the race, but missed the podium and finished fourth.
  • World Solar Challenge:
  • 2015: place 2
    2019: place 4
  • European Solarchallenge:
  • 2016: place 3
    2018: place 2
    2021: place 3
  • Albi Eco Race:
  • 2018: place 4
    2019: place 2
  • Ägapten Solar Challenge:
  • 2018: es gab keine Platzierung